You've waited long enough to live the life you dream of living.

Let me show you how to embrace the power of your story and design the life you desire.

Hi, I'm Felicia

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My life passion is to help women heal from trauma, release the shame and the pain that has been holding them back, and step into their full authentic selves so they can create the life they dream of living!

It is possible...I promise. I never thought it was and I want to show you how.


Rediscover & Reconnect

Rediscover & Reconnect is a 12-week program where we will gently and compassionately guide you to rediscovering the woman you have always desired to be, but maybe lost site of due to the traumatic experiences you have had in life.


By rediscovering YOU we will reconnect you mind, body and soul so you can step into your next chapter and create the life you desire!

The program is custom tailored to what you need and I have a variety of tools we can draw from to create the inner change you desire.

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