Hi, I'm Felicia

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I am passionately compassionate, a huge dreamer, and deeply dedicated to helping women heal from past traumas so they can step into their true powerful authentic selves!

I experienced tremendous trauma as a child, teen, and young adult that I worked very hard to heal from. I gained knowledge and healing from many different sources and teachers: Buddhism, yoga, meditation, EFT, spiritual & physical connection, writing, meditation, magic, and nature.

All of these things helped me take those first steps out of the darkness and into the light to become who I was meant to be and create the life I dreamt of living. It truly is a magical and joyful experience to start believing in yourself and realize all that is possible!

My first step to helping others was through the power of sharing my story. I truly want everyone to feel loved, valued, and not alone. I started a podcast, HERE with Felicia Conner, where guests share their stories of overcoming trauma in the hopes to inspire others on their healing journey and bring awareness and inspire prevention.

I then deeply desired to work with women one-on-one helping them release the pain and live a life they love...be a woman they loved to be. I trained as a Life Coach to learn to tools I need to help women work through the beliefs that are holding them back from creating the life they desire. I then continued on to train as a Sexuality Coach to be able to help women who have experienced sexual trauma, like I have, love their bodies again, enjoy intimacy, and reconnect with their sexuality.

I am currently training to be a Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher so I can share this powerful experience to the women I work with as well.

I have a graduate degree in Religious Studies where I focused on Buddhism and Women's Studies. I love sharing inspiration and compassion whenever and wherever I can so have been a guest speaker at events and on podcasts.

In additional to the above, I am a mom of three little goddesses and married to the man of my dreams! We have a little mini dachshund names Rizzo (from Grease, not the baseball player!) and we enjoy a peaceful life in the warm desert of Arizona!

Thank you for getting to know me a little more. I am honored to share this space with you and to be a part of your journey!