OverComing You

Felicia Conner is an amazing human being with a massive story of OverComing. In this episode we discuss real-life tactical steps on how to OverCome virtually any trauma in your life. She as an awesome podcast titled "Here Podcast" where, through sharing stories, helps individuals heal and learn how to be HERE
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Mom to Wife plus Life

In this final episode of the inspiration series I asked Felicia to share something that will put the fire up under you to get you going and she did tune in to listen to the uplifting message. 
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Courageous Worth

#011 Healing Guide Felicia Connor creates space to help people take steps in their healing. From her Here Podcast to the different programs she has created. She helps people take next steps to move forward from trauma. Experiencing sexual abuse as a child, Felicia is no stranger to the harm trauma can cause and the importance of seeking healing. We also discuss the beauty of living an authentic life and trusting your own voice.
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In The Wake

Meet Felicia Dawn Conner — my guest on Episode 56 of the podcast!!
Felicia is a mystic, guide, and mother. She is also a survivor of child sexual abuse and the host of HERE Podcast. She is dedicated to supporting people on their healing journey so they can thrive after trauma.

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The Creative Commute

Getting Past Perfection with Tawny & Felicia from the Two Chicks and a Horror Flick Podcast If you’re on the fence about doing something – anything – these women will inspire you to do it. In this episode, Tawny Rea and Felicia Conner from the Two Chicks and a Horror Flick podcast talk about their journey to create a podcast, and how they’re bringing joy into the world by doing what they love.We talk about how showing up and doing something that lights you up can change the world. Realizing how creative you really, truly are. How to overcome imposter syndrome. And how this belief that you don’t have anything to contribute is a lie you’re telling yourself.
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Better Call Daddy

There are so many of us that have experienced trauma on different levels and while no two stories are the same we can all relate to the effects and learn from each other's experiences.

After being sexually abused from a young age, Felicia struggled with relationships, self-harm, and self-love.

Having no choice but to face her past, learn how through her podcast, “Here,” she is determined to use her experiences along with open dialogue to empower and inspire others to love and connect with themselves.

Listen to Felicia’s incredibly inspiring story on this week’s episode of Better Call Daddy: your safe space for controversy.