Rediscover & Reconnect


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Do you feel like...

  • You have no control over your emotions?

  • You feel happy and full of joy at times, but feeling sad, stressed and anxious happens more often than not?

  • You know your emotions and thoughts shouldn't control you, but they do and you can't figure out how to change that?!

  • You just know deep down inside that you can feel more at peace and be more in tune with your true self?


You have a future waiting for you where you are living in joy, reclaiming power over your emotions, and reconnecting with your true self!

My name is Felicia...

I am passionately compassionate, a huge dreamer, and deeply dedicated to helping people heal from past traumas. I experienced child sexual abuse at age 11 and this experience propelled me down a path where all my dreams were forgotten and pain was my new constant shadow.

I battled with depression, cptsd, anger, sadness, self-harm, and suicidal ideation all the way into my 30s. I knew I wanted to heal, but didn't know how to begin. I thought the only way was to end my life, but a mother of two at the time stopped me from making that final decision.

I also knew that I would do whatever I could, dedicate my life to, helping others heal from pain and trauma...if I could just get strong enough myself.


So I worked hard, inch by inch, to bring myself out of the darkness to hope, compassion, and create the life of my dreams! Now I am on a mission to help as many women as I can do the same; to love their life and themselves.

I want you to know...

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Your time is now.

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Your journey awaits!

There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is freedom from the suffering you are experiencing.

You can reconnect with your authentic self and start creating the life you dream of living.

Your time to tart living is NOW!

I have created this program to help you rediscover the woman you were always meant to be and reconnect with her on a deeper level.

Each program is customized to what you need and what healing modalities will have the greatest impact on your journey.

What to expect from the course...

Self-paced Online Course

A full 10-week course all online so that you can take your time with each step. Dive in when it is a good time for you and resonate with the teachings for as long as you need.

Audio & PDF Downloads

Want to listen on to go or while you are doing the dishes? Prefer to print stuff out and mark up with your notes? No problem! You will access to the audio and PDF transcripts for each lesson!

Private Facebook Group

You will have a private Facebook group to share ideas, ask questions and connect with others on a similar journey. I will be answering comments daily and going live weekly for  support!

Lifetime Access to the Materials!

Once you sign you will have lifetime access to the course and all the matierials. You will also have access to all future updates I make to the course!

Are you ready to be the you you dream of being?

Choose the pricing options that works for you!


One time payment


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Three monthly payments