Rediscover & Reconnect

Rediscover & Reconnect is a 12-week program where we will gently and compassionately guide you to rediscovering the woman you have always desired to be, but maybe lost site of due to the traumatic experiences you have had in life. By rediscovering YOU we will reconnect you mind, body and soul so you can step into your next chapter and create the life you desire!
Coaching Session Bundles

In addition to my Rediscover & Reconnect program, I offer one-on-one coaching sessions in 1 month, 2 month, and 3 month bundles.


We will meet weekly for 90 minutes to work on the area(s) you want to focus on that will bring the transformation you desire!

Yoga at Home
Trauma Informed Yoga & Meditation Sessions

Yoga & meditation has been incredibly transformational for me. It helped me connect on a deeper level to myself; my mind, body and soul. This was an emotional transformation for me because after experiencing abuse those pieces of me felt fragmented and distant. I wanted to offer this beautiful and life-changing practice to the clients I work with so am very excited to be offering trauma informed yoga & meditation sessions soon.

If interested, join the waitlist below and I will let you know when they are launched!